Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Beginning of Happiness

In short: Pain + Emotion + Friends and Fam + Paradigm Shift = Happiness

You know when something happens in your life that totally shifts your entire way of thinking? Like too many profound things happen all at once? Just wave after wave of emotions, revelations, changes all happen in a very short span of time? Yeah, that happened like 2 weeks ago.

I don't want to go into the details of my breakup, so as not to bore the readers with yet another mundane, my-breakup-was-the-worst-feel-sorry-for-me, spiel. You need that like you need a third elbow. But, as they say, as long as you learned something, there is no such thing as a waste of time, so here's one of the learned lessons; there's nothing like deep, intense, thorough pain to get your ass in gear.

Say, for example, you've been pouring ALL of your energy into something for months and months on end, and all of a sudden, you stop. The thing that you were so focused on goes away, and you're unencumbered. All that energy has to go somewhere [see Conservation of Energy]. I realized, in the midst of dumping my energy and emotion into a bottomless pit, that I could redirect all that energy into MYSELF...what a concept. I could put that towards my work, my sketching, my family, my HAPPINESS...MY, I forgot about that little thing...

I deserve to be happy. 

More than deserve, I NEED to be happy. In order to be fulfilled, I need to be happy. And so, I started doing all of those things that used to make ME happy. I started focusing on my future, not my past. [incoming cliche] I started living again.

The timing also couldn't have been better. I am on the cusp of what is probably the most exciting, fulfilling and life-changing adventure of my life. In exactly one month, I will truly enter the field of Industrial Design. Not like a "I design cheap, idiotic, useless, inexpensive shit for America's TV shoppers" designer. Like a, "going to the best design school in the country, spending every waking hour in class, sketching, learning, fabricating, connecting with other designers" designer. I can and will do great things. It's dauntingly exciting. 

And its the perfect way to get over my "old" life. By creating my "new" life...


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